Southeast Michigan
A beautiful lawn
doesn't happen by itself.
A beautiful lawn doesn't happen by itself.

Lawn Fertilization

Its very easy to get your lawn thick and green and most importantly, weed free.

Our service technicians will monitor your lawn through out the season, we will change and adjust your program as needed to ensure a lush green lawn. Fertilization is only one part of proper lawn care, together with regular mowing and watering your lawn will respond beautifully. From early spring weed control to properly timing your late fall slow release feeding, Pro Green will be there for you and your lawn.

Before treatment begins your lawn will be evaluated by one of our state certified technicians.

Pro-Green only uses the highest quality lawn care products and insect control. These products continue to maintain and improve thousands of lawns year in and out. Allow us to improve yours!

We guarantee our work. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service we will return to your home at no cost and remedy the situation, no matter how many times it takes.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee at Pro-Green, Inc.

Pro-Green Guarantee

  • Attention home owners: Compare our prices with the competition and save.
  • Family owned and operated: We treat our customers like family.
  • Our employees have been with us for years. Count on personal service.
  • All service calls are free. This includes re-application for greening.
  • Lawn analysis performed by experienced and certified technicians.
  • Spring specials and senior citizen discounts are available.